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An Insider’s Guide to RX One Health Course in Tanzania (Final part IV): Thank you!

Taylor Calloway (Class of 2018) was one of twenty-one students who participated in the new Rx One Health Course based in Tanzania and Rwanda during June 2017. This is Taylor’s personal narrative aiming to illustrate her daily experiences, a deeper understanding of the One Health approach in a real-world setting, and the big question of “why is this course important.”

This is the final installment of Taylor’s experience. Read Part I, II and III


Eric and I preparing for presentations.

The day of presentations has come. Previously I failed to mention, that this presentation was not only to our own course leaders, but also to other important stakeholders and supporters of the Kinigi Community that have great influential power over what is to come from the buffer zone.

To say the least, nerves were slightly hyphened. But we all did an amazing job as presenters and while we were answering questions. After, we were able to speak with the stakeholders over lunch. It was enlightening to hear the fact that most people were genuinely impressed with our ideas and there is a very likely future for the groundwork plan we created. It made me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside to think, I have made a small impact. In the future, I will definitely be looking into help this project succeed and become a sustainable positive influence on the community members, conservation of wildlife, and the country of Rwanda as a whole. Continue reading